First Entry on Cyber Security

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After the Equifax briefing consumers are left wondering what the next attack will be. I believe that the next cyber security hack will be coming soon and it is irrelevant where, when, and how big. The larger issue for me at stake is the personal sensitive information that clearly is at risk of being hacked. My question is when will consumers be fed up with the notion that there privacy is a thing of the past? At what point to the consumers of the next generation Apple watch say that they refuse to have their heart monitored from the new apple watch. This would be when convenience of health information would take a backseat to privacy. Apple clearly sees consumer demand with growing out its health products to the mainstream customer. However, I believe after further hackings and a catastrophe hacking similar to Equifax or Merk, consumers will no longer trust health information to be as accessible on wireless technology. This could lead to a sell off and effect the cyber health sector. This is something I will keep an eye on for the next ten-twenty years. I think you won’t see further mainstream integration from tech companies and sensitive health information/data.





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Exposure of your sensitive data isn’t a bug, it’s a feature



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